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Recent Flooding

To: All City Residents

From: Mayor Wheeler Marsee

Date: July 15, 2021

Due to the most recent flooding in the region from storms earlier this month, we are thankful the City of Melvindale was not nearly affected as badly as other communities.  I would like the residents of our city to be aware of the following:

Please contact the City of Melvindale Water Department if you have any flooding issues. 

It is important to document these events.  FEMA has contacted all of the communities in the region and has instructed them to document damages.  In addition, 

1) Continue to remove debris from all affected areas.

2) Address any standing water in basement areas quickly.

3) Clean and sanitize affected areas to prevent dangerous mold.

4) Document any damages with photos.

5) Keep records of cost of any and all clean up

It is important to note FEMA reimbursement can only take place if all damages and lost property are properly documented.  Take pictures of everything including debris which you intend on throwing out.  

Please feel free to contact the Mayor’s Office or the Water Department if you have any further questions or concerns.


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