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Notice: Sidewalk Ordinance

Sec. 19-31. – Construction; repair.

All sidewalks in the city shall be constructed, maintained and repaired by the owner of the lands adjacent thereto or improved thereby in the manner provided hereafter and within 20 days after notice is given to the owner as hereinafter prescribed; provided, in case such owner neglects or refuses to comply with the provisions of this article , the city may construct, maintain or repair or cause such sidewalk to be constructed, maintained or repaired and assess the cost thereof against the owner of the land adjacent to or improved by same, together with an additional penalty in the amount equal to 20 percent of the cost of such construction, maintenance or repair as the case may be, and such cost together with the amount of the penalty shall be a charge upon a lien against the land adjacent thereto or improved thereby.

(Ord. No. 496, § 2, 6-6-90)


Taxes & Water Bills Now Online

Taxes and Water Bills are now available online! To check you Tax or Water information, a link can be found in any of the following department sections under the City Services tab: Assessor's Office, Treasurer's Office, and Water & Sewer. You can click on the link and follow the prompts from that page.

In addition, Miscellaneous Receivable invoices (weed/grass cuts, trash/debris clean up) and Miscellaneous City invoices can also be viewed at the BS&A Website.

We are now accepting CREDIT CARD payments! Payments can made at City Hall in person with a credit card or online through a third party website (see instructions above)

**PLEASE NOTE! There is a 3% charge to pay by credit card. ( 3% fee's are collected by the credit card company, and is not a fee from the City of Melvindale)

 PAY BY PHONE by calling 1.855.414.9017 (fee may apply)


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