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Street Sweeping Notice (Parking)


The Melvindale Police Department  would like to remind residents that effective April 1, 2017 that Street Sweeping begins and will run though November 2017. For the 1st week, police will pass out warnings to cars that are left on the street during their scheduled street sweeping day (as posted). Beginning the 2nd week of April police will enforce the posted street sweeping signs. Please make sure cars are off the street to avoid tickets.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Notice Regarding Disposable Shop Towels

The city has been having to clean out sewers which have been clogged by disposable shop towels.  These are heavy duty paper towels, such as Scott Multi-Purpose Shop Towels or Scott Rags in a Box All Purpose Towels.  Please do not flush these, or any other type of paper towels down a toilet.  It creates unnecessary problems and expense for the City and its residents.

Thank You!

Larrie Ordus, Water & Sewer Department and DPW Director


Notice: Sidewalk Ordinance

Sec. 19-31. – Construction; repair.

All sidewalks in the city shall be constructed, maintained and repaired by the owner of the lands adjacent thereto or improved thereby in the manner provided hereafter and within 20 days after notice is given to the owner as hereinafter prescribed; provided, in case such owner neglects or refuses to comply with the provisions of this article , the city may construct, maintain or repair or cause such sidewalk to be constructed, maintained or repaired and assess the cost thereof against the owner of the land adjacent to or improved by same, together with an additional penalty in the amount equal to 20 percent of the cost of such construction, maintenance or repair as the case may be, and such cost together with the amount of the penalty shall be a charge upon a lien against the land adjacent thereto or improved thereby.

(Ord. No. 496, § 2, 6-6-90)


Online Survey on Our Local Waters...

It Takes Just Ten Minutes . . .

Please take an online survey on our Local Waters

The City of Melvindale and the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds are asking residents to help us evaluate our past education efforts and set the direction for our future outreach programming. We hope to learn what you already know about our fresh water resources and how you protect them from pollution.

Go to to take the survey.

Your participation is very important. Please help protect our rivers, lakes and streams by taking the survey and encouraging your neighbors, friends and colleagues to do so.

For questions contact Pam Labadie the survey administrator at the Huron River Watershed Council by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: (734) 769-5123 x 602.


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