Downtown Development Authority

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Melvindale Downtown Development Authority
3501 Oakwood Blvd
Melvindale, Michigan 48122

P: 313.429.1059

The Melvindale Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has a district that encompasses the commercial center of Melvindale. The district includes Oakwood Boulevard from Prospect Street to Harman Street, and Allen Road from approximately South Dearborn Street to approximately Outer Drive. The DDA was created 1989, and receives its funding as a Tax Increment Financing Authority (TIFA). As a TIFA, the DDA captures tax revenue that exceeds a predetermined amount from the 1989 tax rate.

The DDA has been instrumental in the development of the Oakwood Plaza, Rite Aid Pharmacy, McDonald’s Restaurant, parking lot improvements behind the Melvindale Public Library and the decorative street lighting and streetscape improvements throughout the district. The Downtown Development Authority has also played a key role in the demolition and redevelopment of approximately 10 commercial sites within the District. Additionally, the DDA has paid for the paving of a number of commercial alleys within the district.

Currently, the DDA is promoting façade improvements throughout the district by offering architectural concepts and financial incentives. The DDA believes that these improvements, past and present, have improved the quality of life for Melvindale residents and will create opportunities for economic improvement for the businesses located within the DDA district.