Filming Information

If you are scouting for a location for your next film contact the Executive Secretatary to Mayor and Council at (313) 429-1051 to guide you through the application permit process. The application for a filming permit can be downloaded from this website.

Melvindale Film Survey and Application

The City of Melvindale embraces the Film Friendly initiative launched by the State of Michigan which offers film incentives that help offset production expenditures. The City of Melvindale understands the nature of the filming industry and how timing can be critical to the choice of a location for shooting a film and therefore has developed a   “Film Friendly” permit process that will allow a quick turnaround for the permitting required of film production companies.

Melvindale has a variety of locations that filmmakers find appealing. Whether the need is a metropolitan small town, industrial backdrops or tree lined neighborhoods with parks, all of these hold an appeal and are conveniently located within Melvindale’s 2.2 square miles for a movie production.  Production credits already include “Machine Gun Preacher” which was filmed in Melvindale during the summer of 2010 starring Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan.