TIFA Information

Public Act 57 of 2018 TIFA Information

Some information has been delayed due to COVID-19’s effect on the ability to conduct public meetings.

DDA Staff Contact Information:

DDA Director / City Administrator
Richard S. Ortiz
[email protected]
P: 313.429.1059

DDA Chairperson
Mayor Wheeler Marsee
[email protected]
P: 313.429.1050

Currently Adopted Development Plan / TIF Plan (Click Here)

Annual Budget (Click Here)

Annual Audits: The Downtown Development Authority is a Component Unit of the City of Melvindale, and is audited as such as part of the annual audit of the City of Melvindale.  For City of Melvindale Financial Statements, which include the Downtown Development Authority, please go to the State of Michigan website by clicking HERE, and choose the following options:

  • For County, Choose “Wayne-82”
  • For Municipality Type, Choose “City”
  • For Municipality, Choose “Melvindale – City”
  • For Document Type, Choose “Audit-Financial Report”
  • Either type in the 4 Digit Year and Click “Go”, or just Click “Go” and select from the years provided on the next page.

Current contracts and related information:

Annual Synopsys of Activities:

  • Detail on TIF revenues not expended within 5 years of receipt
  • Written explanation of any funds not expended within 10 years of receipt

List of authority accomplishments, including development plan and prior year goals and objectives

List of authority projects and investments, including in the preceding fiscal year

2019 Meeting Minutes:

2020 Meeting Minutes:

2021 Meeting Minutes:

2022 Meeting Minutes: